a Docklow Pools pub & restaurant

Fresh Home Cooked Food

Evening bookings until further notice are Residents only

Important Information

  • Evenings until 26th September – Residents only
  • Day Times – General Public welcome
  • Children allowed over the age of 7 -
    - asked politely not to roam or leave your parents at the table.
    - Children in high chairs the exception to under 7 rule
  • Open from 8am daily
  • Last orders for food & Drink is:
    - 1.45pm – Monday to Friday
    - 4pm – Saturday
    - Open 8am
    - Coffee to 11am
    - lunch 11.30am to 3pm
  • Other websites not controlled by Docklow Pools may tell other information but this is what we are working to.

From Thursday 24th September until further notice our bar & restaurant at Docklow will call last orders for Food & Drink at 9pm.

With both customers AND staff expected to have left the Fisherman’s Arms with alarm on by 10pm.

Table service is expected - so we ask everyone to stop wandering around or going to the bar. You’ll still need to go to the bar to pay.

Service will be warm, firm & friendly but slower than usual. We encourage everyone to pay by card as much as possible to make us safer & quicker.

Reminder we open from 5pm (Saturday 4pm) for evenings. Continue to be open from 8am in the mornings. (Our winter hours kick in from 17th October)

We’ll continue to comply to the rules for everyone’s good. We ask you to do the same. Please don’t visit the our pub if you can’t work to these arrangements. Simple.

It makes sense to encourage diners to eat as early as possible, preferably before 7pm when it’s quietest.

  • Residents

  • Fishermans Arms – available as before, breakfast, Lunches and evenings

Let’s all stay safe and continue to live our life’s within the rules.

Stay safe - Jonathan


Evening bookings until further notice are Residents only

*Reservations confirmed via email or phone.

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Friendly Staff

Great Food

Sunday Carvery

Sunday Carvery

Country Pub, Restaurant
& Sunday Carvery

Whether you’re staying with us on holiday or local to Docklow, the Fishermans Arms welcomes you to join us 7 days a week during summer for fantastic homemade food at great value.

Our summer opening is every morning and every evening, with a Sunday lunch carvery which has a wonderful reputation across the county.

All our meats are from a local butcher. Food is homemade including delicious dishes, pies, chips, pudding and desserts.

It means that we are more than just a fishery. People who come on holiday love the fact that they can eat well, in friendly traditional surroundings, at great value prices without actually leaving the Docklow estate.

Sundays are normally a busy day because of strong local reputation so bookings are always suggested. 01568 760 256 or email info@docklowpools.com

The Fishermans Arms has both a restaurant a pub grub evening menu and an impressive breakfast brunch and lunch menu too.

we don’t serve fast food,
we serve great food